Mike Berg, M.Ed. https://thejobclinic.com

Mike is a job search expert, employment analyst, and employability skills trainer. His background includes experience as a radio talk show host and as a Feature Writer for The Employment Digest.


He is currently the Director of TheJobClinic and the author of Marketing Yourself as a Professional, YOU Write Your Own Ticket, Invisible to Remarkable and The “Tectonic Shift” of Employment - Change Your Locus of Control by Looking for Customers Not a Job. Mike has also been an adjunct faculty member with national colleges and a keynote speaker for international conferences and professional association events. 


He has a B.S. in Education from the University of Wisconsin and a M.S. in Education from the University of South Carolina.

Today’s 10-minute webinar is how to quickly set up a system that is reusable to manage job leads/contacts using a no cost and mobile,cloud-based database as a your own Employer Tracking System (ETS).

Having an automated process that tracks your job-search related contacts and job leads is a great way to conduct a search at any time and not have to start from scratch each time you are looking for work.